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We hand craft natural Skin Care, Body Products and Perfume that is safe, effective and good for you.  Our products can easily be personalized for your individual needs. 

I absolutely love LC Natural’s Thieves Essential Oil Blend lotion. It is an amazing product that, while coating the skin, moisturizes it beautifully. It is not greasy and smells amazing. It’s refreshing to know that I’m using a product that is all natural. Thanks again Louise! I love this lotion


Wow, I just love the Serum and EE Facial Cream they feel so luxurious and the scent of the face cream is a delight!  Also really happy with the hand & body lotion. - Thanks


Thanks Louise- it was a great Xms season treat to visit and take in all of the beauty you have created...looking forward to a winter visit to explore some more :-)


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